MSO/DPO2000B Series Oscilloscopes

The most powerful scope you can buy for $1,290.
Introducing the MSO/DPO2000B Series oscilloscopes.
Like all our scopes, these powerful performers have
the accuracy and craftsmanship you expect from
Tektronix. Only the low price is surprising.

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Best in Class Performance
Key Specifications

• 70,100 and 200 MHz models
• 2 or 4 analog channels
• 16 digital channels (optional)
• 1 Mpoint record length
• 5 year warranty

Advanced Features

• Serial and parallel bus decode (optional)
• Up to 125 advanced trigger combinations
• Wave Inspector® navigation and
  automated search

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Check out the Powerful Toolset
Designed with you in mind, the MSO/DPO2000B is packed with innovative features to help you get your job done fast, without compromising quality.

Mixed Signal Debugging –
More Visibility

With 20 available channels and the ability to decode two buses, you’ll get a more complete, synchronized view of your system.


Debug serial and parallel
buses in seconds

Now you can decode hundreds of data packets in a flash, and easily trigger and search for specific packets or bus activities. No other scope in this class has as many tools for serial buses or as many digital channels.


Find elusive problems fast with triggers and automated search
With the most comprehensive set of digital debug triggers in this class - including edge, runt, glitch, setup and hold, rise time - and Wave Inspector® automated search, you can track down problems in seconds.


See your true signals
without making trade-offs

With an impressive 1 Mpoints of record length, you can see signal details and capture long periods of time without compromise. Class-leading performance to simplify your job.

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Serial Bus Debug Made Easy

See how to quickly and efficiently debug today's serial
buses with the powerful trigger, decode, and search
capabilities of the MSO/DPO Series.

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Get the most powerful scope you can buy for $1,290. Request a quote today.

* MSO2024B shown in picture and priced at $3,800.